Health & Wellness

LISA’S  health journey started September of 2003 when she had a health crash. Something in her system shut down, though the doctors could not put a name to it. The first six weeks she was somewhat of a vegetable. She sat staring into space. Art took her to various doctors and they did batteries of tests, but to no avail. Over the next two years, she battled severe health issues, which  included about 75 attacks that left her in a comatose state along with chronic fatigue and low blood pressure. The ministry suffered.
Having always believed in nutrition, they tried two other name brand nutrients, but again, to no avail. Exactly two years later, God put on the hearts of a couple in the U.S. to share with them about RELIV, a Food Science Company. They are eternally grateful this couple took the initiative to tell them about something that would change their lives forever. They started on the products right away. In only 5 days, the chronic fatigue was lifted. In a very short period, with consistent use of the products, they realized she was no longer having attacks, either. She started regaining her life back. They felt their prayers were answered! Lisa has been attack and symptom-free since 2005.
At the same time of getting great overall results with her health, she resulted with a torn rotator cuff of the left shoulder. It went into “frozen shoulder” and she literally lost the use of her left arm. They were told she needed surgery and that it would take 6 months to a year and a half to rehabilitate, that she would only regain 90% range of motion. Thanks to RELIV and a licensed therapist, she regained full use of her arm, no surgery. Fast-forwarding to the present. Lisa works out at the gym doing a 6K cardiovascular workout, exercise and lifts weights with no limitation.
That obviously got their attention! They were invited to attend a RELIV National Conference in Phoenix, Az. that year and that is where the Lord opened their eyes to the bigger picture of RELIV. As missionaries, they were not interested in network marketing or a home-based business. However, they began to see this as part of their out-reach, offering health and wellness, as well as, financial freedom to other people. They became distributors, helping to distribute the best nutrition available around the world, helping RELIV International to complete their mission to “Nourish Our World”. The income they receive from RELIV assists in allowing them as missionaries to maintain their own health and wellness and to continue to reach out to people in Guatemala, Central America.

For more information on how RELIV can help you, call Art or Lisa at Arizona number 602-388-8584 (read Art’s testimony below)

ART: In 2005, after watching Lisa have incredible results in a short period of time with the RELIV products, he told her she would “always be taking this stuff”! He had become full-time caregiver, but with her healing, he now had a life back, as well. Art had his own health issues, such as heart disease. He had a heart-attack seven years prior in Guatemala. Though it was serious, he opted to not have surgery. In 2007, the two years of caring for Lisa had taken its toll on him. He did need to have a quadruple bypass. Fortunately, he had been on the basic RELIV nutrition for one year at that point. He came through the surgery just fine, however, on the third day, while still in ICU, he had taken a turn for the worse. Lisa made the RELIV shakes and he drank them through a straw. The next day, he had a total turn around. He went on to have an incredible and accelerated recovery. On a subsequent appointment, when they showed the senior heart-surgeon a can of the RELIV heart-health product Art was consuming, the surgeon told him, “I don’t know much about nutrition, but KEEP TAKING IT! I have never seen anything like this.” Fast forwarding to present day, he is doing 7-10 kilometers during his cardiovascular workout at the gym and feeling great. They feel so blessed to have found RELIV when they did and know that it has played a major role in why they have been able to continue in the mission field. They know this was God’s answer to their prayers.

For more information call Art or Lisa at Arizona number 602-388-8584.