Prison Outreach

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Seminars for the National Penitentiary System

July 2008

How does one sum up a life-changing experience in a few words? We shall try! Chaplain Bob & Betty Holyfield and Chaplain Jim & Nancy Ruehmann arrived late Friday night, July 11th. Being that we had never met before but would be living and working together for the next 10 days, we marvelled at how well we got along and made life-long friendships in the process.

They joined us for our monthly Character Breakfast in Antigua the morning after their arrival. We had a good group. We expounded on the Character Quality of “Faith”. With all the challenges we had been facing, we certainly needed to hear our own message!

Monday through Friday we had a full schedule. Monday and Wednesday we gave seminars both by DVD and live to the staff of the Penitentiary System and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we split up between two prisons and did the same. The Director of the National Penitentiary System came to the prisons to inaugurate the seminars. Not having ever worked in the prisons, we were so grateful for the help and teamwork of the U.S. Chaplains and their wives. Art spoke and translated at the men’s prison and Lisa spoke and translated at the women’s prison. Over 100 men in the men’s prison and 150 women in the women’s prison gave us overwhelming commentaries by the end of the 3rd day. It was an exhausting time, but lives were changed. The Basic seminar talks about the root causes of bitterness, anger, lack of forgiveness, guilt, the root causes of many illnesses, etc. Many received inner healing. Many turned their lives over to Christ.

We fought a lot of battles and had many challenges throughout the week including the electricity going out twice at the men’s prison. But we remained in victory to the glory of our Faithful God! We hope you enjoy our picture gallery. These are but a few shots. What little time we were not working, we enjoyed taking our new friends sight-seeing.

June 2008

Life is such a journey in the mission field! More recently the Lord has been opening prison doors for us. We have had meetings with leaders and staff from the National Penitentiary System here during the last couple of months. They are asking us to put on Biblical 3-day seminars by DVD in two of the larger prisons. We have two U.S. prison chaplains and their wives coming from Arkansas mid-July to assist us in doing so. We went last week to the first prison to take a “look-see”. Prisons here do not operate like those in the states. This is definitely a walk of faith. We toured the Pavón Prison with the warden and prison staff and made decisons as to where we will facilitate the seminar. The seminar is totally voluntary. At this point 300 prisoners are signed up at that prison. (pictured below-Art at the entrance of Pavón Prison-no cameras allowed after security entrance)

On Tuesday of this week, we were scheduled to visit the other prison where we plan to put on the seminar simultaneously July 15, 17 & 18th. The Penitentiary System sent staff to pick us up and drive us to the prison in another part of the country. We were buckled in the back seat of the staff car when the staff person received a call informing us we would not be able to enter the prison. There were gang-riots the day before and five prisoners were hospitalized. We were once again thankful for the Lord’s protection and for those who pray for us. We are rescheduled to visit that prison July 1st, which according to our time-planner is “Canada Day”. The name of this prison is “Canada”. We so appreciate your prayers.

Prison Pavón-Guatemala, Central America

Pavón Prison