15 Year Bible Study Anniversary

15 Year Anniversary of the Lady’s & Children’s Bible Study
In March 2012 the Lady’s and Children’s Bible Study celebrated their 15 year Anniversary. They also celebrated seven March birthdays, including Art’s. We were in Guatemala only 10 months when we met a lady on the dirt road going into town. Not long after that, she stopped us on the road as we were returning from our work in a village. She said to us, “The ladies in the community have been talking. We want to know more about the Bible, so we decided we would come to your house every week.” Lisa did not have a good command of the language at that time and wanted to say, “no”. But Art gently put his hand on hers and said, “God is not looking for someone who speaks perfect Spanish. He is looking for someone to be available.” Thus, the weekly Lady’s and Children’s Bible Study was born. Some of the ladies have been coming for the full 15 years while others have joined the group somewhere along the way. Most of the ladies have been coming for anywhere between 8 and 12 years. Lisa became fluent in the language with the help of these precious ladies.

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