All Blessings Team (Team Keenan) Nov. 2011

Team Keenan
In November 2011 we hosted a special team from California and Tennessee. Jenni Ramsey with All Blessings Int. lead the team consisting of Marlene Eckert (Ca.), Roberta Keenan (Ca.) and Phil & Amy May with sons, Jackson and Conner and Lisa Bussard with daughter, Morgan (Tn). The first day following their arrival, Art officiated a special ceremony in our front yard in honor of our beloved Ben Keenan, who had brought various teams down to Guatemala and had a love for the Guatemalan people. We planted a Magnolia tree in his honor placing a beautiful plaque in front of it. The ladies on the team met with the Guatemalan Lady’s Bible Study for song and sharing after breaking bread together, while the men helped set up for the afternoon birthday celebration on the soccer field. About 100 people gathered, bringing both cultures together in fun and activities. The next day we visited several of the impoverished families they met the previous day. One Guatemalan husband reconciled with the Lord during our visit to his home. The team painted a small home on our property that now looks like a bright yellow sunflower. Others painted the window sills on our home. The team did other outreaches during their action- packed week with us. Of course, we made time for a quick tour of the famous Antigua, Guatemala.

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