After entertaining a house guest from El Salvador earlier in the week, we were delighted at the arrival of our beloved Jenni Ramsey, Missions Director of The Village Church in Irvine, Ca., along with her team of three other gals. The Village Church has been a faithful supporter for many years. Jenni was actually representing All Blessings West, a Christian adoption agency. Jenni, along with Emily, Josie and Meryah arrived Thursday night bringing us a new printer we had ordered. They were only with us for two nights before they moved on to the orphanage we did the Character Seminar for in May. We made the best of our time breaking bread together, showing Jenni the work of teams she had sent down in years past and dancing with the folkloric dancers in Antigua. California friends had sent down some goodies for us, so we felt like we were celebrating an early Christmas. They truly were All Blessings!

It was fast and furious, but it was fun!

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