Our new Boy’s Club is still in the formation stage, but coming along with excitement.The boys meet bi-monthly and are under the leadership of hermano (bother) Nery. Art is mentoring Nery and Nery is mentoring the boys. The last couple of months, Nery has been teaching them about the importance of the character qualities of ATTENTIVENESS and OBEDIENCE along with a Bible meditation. He jumps right in to play soccer, croquet, volleyball or board games with them following the message. Founded in 1998, the original Boy’s Club was active for six earlier years of our 21 year ministry. They did community service, learned about character, studied the Bible, played soccer and we took them on various fun outings. We are still in contact with many of those “boys”. Most of them are married with their own children now. Being that these young men are the future of Guatemala, we are interested in helping to raise up “mighty men of valor” (Judges 6:12).

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