Prior to our emergency trip to the states recently, we did a one-day seminar for a large orphanage here in Guatemala. Casa Bernabe had heard about the Character First teachings and wanted it for their facility. They gathered about 45 of their staff and teachers to receive a day full of fun and training. We did the seminar at the Vista Real Hotel in Guatemala City. We had great comments from those who attended. We were grateful for the timing as Art’s brother, Ross, passed shortly thereafter and we were suddenly off to California for the funeral. The eleven brothers & sisters released white doves at the cemetery, the 12th being released by Ross’ son. It was very touching. While in the states, Art had his gallbladder removed at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Hollywood, Ca. Art recovered so quickly, two days later you wouldn’t know he had had surgery. Art’s sisters threw a birthday party for him while we were there. It was another good excuse to get together as a family and enjoy each other, on a more positive note. We also had fun with family at a one-day Iris Festival in Porterville. Pictures follow.

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