University Graduate

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Leo was only 10 years old when he joined our original Boys’ Club in 1998, Falcon’s of the Great King. Twenty-one years later, we had the joy and privilege of watching Leo, now 31-years-old, graduate from the university. During the early years in the Boys’ Club, he learned Biblical principals, enjoyed excursions around the country and had the camaraderie of the other Boys’ Club members. Leo was a benefactor of the ministry’s education scholarship funds through his primary and secondary studies. Coming from a family of poverty, he has fought all the harder to rise above his circumstances, often working three jobs while studying at the university. Though his parents are not well educated themselves, they have always been along his side, encouraging him. By God’s grace and guidance, Leo is the first of nine children to receive a university diploma. Two sisters hope to graduate next year and three younger ones desire to follow in his footsteps. It was a glorious day and a well-deserved recognition. After much work and commitment, he converted from “Leo Pequeño” (Little Leo, as we have always called him), to Professor Leonardo Isaías Bail Trejo. Leo is a first-fruit of this ministry’s education funds, the first to graduate at the university level. We are proud of Leo and thankful to our ministry partners who have helped make this dream come true!   

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